Please see a range of in-the-field tried and tested templates I’ve used in various projects. Either created from scratch or used with permission, from other sources & basterdised accordingly. If you’d like to use any of these templates, feel free to download them.

If you're wanting to plan resource over time, across multiple sprints, you've find this template very useful.

This template allows you to plot resource in detail, over time across a single project.

If you're responsible for paid resource, such as contractors, this is a useful workbook to calculate resource vs cost.

A wrapped up KPI view of projects on a single slide, ideal for management team summaries of project portfolios

This template is useful for granular dashboard style info on a single project. Managing and reporting on various KPI inc. resource, timelines and RAID

If you're managing multiple projects & want a single view dashboard, this isnt a bad template.

Project Dashboard - For managing projects